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Poetry: 'Follow the Science'

Written by Katrina Moinet 

You will experience menstrual cycles exactly twenty-eight days apart

(Follow the Science)

Your core body temperature will rise 0.3 to 0.7°C in the luteal phase

(follow the science)

You accept regulation by three hormones, but only speak of two

(follow their science)

You will empirically observe cramps, migraines, hot flushes, shivers, mood swings

(feel the science)

You will keep unmanageable symptoms and sanitary products hidden from view (men, women & children)

(lower your science)

You will observe Kegel exercises & heed regular reminders to keep your vagina tight

(Conduct research into whether this is for society’s or “your own” good)

(fallen Science)

You’ll soak rust-bled underwear discreetly in public sinks. Always carry a spare

(flow science)

You’ll waddle, calves straight-jacketed, with your tampon-bullet, avoiding bloodying walls. Not all sanitary bins are in easy reach

(wallow in science)

You remain ready for repeated gestations. Not all of these will be consensual

(F---  SCIence)

You’ll be quietly marginalised, though policies exist to protect you from this

(Fu-- flawed $-ence)

You’ll be released from procreation duties once your menstrual cycles expire 

(fallow science)


(follow your body)


(follow your body)


(follow your body)

You’ll be relieved from following the science once your womb is vacant or removed

*first appeared in translation in Ffosfforws 5, Y Stamp, 2024

About the Author

Katrina Moinet is a writer and part-time carer from Ynys Môn, published in Raw Lit, Mslexia, The Post Grad Journal, Ffosfforws, Firmament, Wild North Wales, Nation.Cymru, and the Bournemouth Writing Festival prize-winners' anthology. Katrina won Globe Soup's short story and 48-hour flash fiction prizes, and longlisted in Mslexia, New Writers, and Fish competitions.

They host Bangor Blue Sky open-mic and co-run the Gwyl Môn Anglesey Writing Festival. Their debut pamphlet is forthcoming with Hedgehog Press. 


More of their work can be found via social media and their website: @KMoinetWrites /

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