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Poetry: 'Degrees of Difficulty'

Written by Ralph Dartford

There was a girl I used to know 

who would swallow dive on to her 

four poster bed in times of excitement.


She’d start her run in the hallway –

ensure the matting was taped down hard.

Trips could lose her points, even smash a nose.


Afterwards, whilst smoking French cigarettes,

she’d recount other dives and falls. 

The twist of hate that muscled her heart.

About the Author

Ralph Dartford’s first collection, Cigarettes, Beer and Love was published by Ossett Observer Presents in 2013. His next collection, Recovery Songs, was published by Valley Press in 2019, and Hidden Music followed in October 2021. Ralph is poetry editor at and is currently studying for a Creative Writing PhD at the University of Huddersfield. @Dartford

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